Many of our top PI partners earn $5000 a month or more.

Six months of focus groups with PIs across the United States confirmed the following:

  • Every month, an average PI receives 50 leads he/she cannot convert to sales.
  • PIs cannot effectively investigate cell phones and computers and generally turn such customers away or resell services with little or no profit.
  • PIs do not like to work with clients who suspect spyware on their devices, as many of these customers are difficult or paranoid personalities.

Digital Investigations has created a complete system to turn those liabilities into assets. We help our PI Partners to turn dead leads into a monthly flow of passive revenue.

We pay you $10 for every lead you forward to us and 20% of every service we sell to those leads. That can often mean $1000 or more per case.

Send 5 dead leads to us right now and we will send you a check today for $50!

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