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Do you know the dangers of LinkedIn stalking? LinkedIn stalking can take many forms, such as strangers sending inappropriate messages, threats, or repeatedly viewing a profile. We can assist you if you are a victim.

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Is LinkedIn Stalking a Crime?

The question of whether or not accessing someone's personal information on LinkedIn constitutes a criminal offense is an interesting and complex one. LinkedIn, though often regarded as a professional networking platform, holds a wealth of sensitive personal data from contact information to employment history to education credentials. Accessing it without the user's consent, perhaps to gain insight into more personal elements of their lives, could be viewed as an invasion of privacy and might even rise to the level of a crime in certain circumstances.

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How to Protect Yourself from Stalking on LinkedIn?

Stalking is an unfortunately common experience on social media platforms, and LinkedIn is no exception. The best way to protect yourself on the platform is to regularly review your privacy settings and adjust them as needed. Keeping your profile private is especially important, as this will help you control who can view your information, view whom you are connected to, and send messages all within the platform.

Lastly, consider reporting any suspicious activity or people immediately so LinkedIn can investigate the issue. Taking these steps can help you remain safe while networking on LinkedIn.


How To Report LinkedIn Stalking?

Reports can be made directly to LinkedIn. Follow the steps below:

  1. On their LinkedIn homepage, click More in the right corner of their profile.
  2. Click Report or block.
  3. Select Report content on the profile in the What do you want to do? Select any or all that apply.
  4. Click Submit.

How Can I Use Your Helpline to Stop It?

You can report LinkedIn stalking right here with our 24-hour helpline by dialing 844.240.7900. These cybercriminals are tracked by our experts to resolve a variety of problems. Our team understands the emotional distress that can be caused by this type of harassment, and our track record proves that we can help.


Taking the proper steps to protect your information and identity on LinkedIn is essential to ensure your safety. If you ever find yourself uneasy or feeling unsafe as a result of a message or interaction from someone, do not hesitate to report them immediately. Remember: LinkedIn Stalking should never be taken lightly. If you'd like more detailed advice about staying safe on the platform, reach out to our professionals who can help you secure your profile and better protect yourself from any unwanted attention or interactions from potential stalkers.

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