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If you are reading this, you probably already wonder what is going on in your marriage. You need to know the truth before you can make an informed decision. We can help you find the digital evidence that will tell you whether or not your fears are unfounded.

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Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You


The number one indication that your spouse may be cheating is an unusual need for privacy. If your spouse has always been a “private” person, even with you, this may not indicate an affair. But if your spouse was previously open with you, and suddenly is withdrawn and is keeping things from you that he or she previously shared, this could indicate an affair.

  • Password protecting phones or computers for no reason
  • Changing previously shared passwords and not sharing the new password
  • Deleting call and text history
  • Leaving the room to take phone calls
  • Minimizing computer screens when you enter the room
  • Clearing internet history every time the computer is used
  • Creating new personal email addresses, or using a secret email address
  • Has a second phone, especially one he or she didn’t tell you about


While it is possible that extra hours at work, extra “boys” or “girls” nights out, shopping trips, fishing trips or other time away from home is legitimate, a spouse who suddenly is spending large amounts of time away from home may be having an affair. If your spouse doesn’t exhibit any other signs of cheating, then you likely have nothing to worry about. But if this is just another sign on the list, then you might want to look into his or her behavior further. Signs to watch for include:

  • Working late, going to work at strange hours or logging more hours than normal at work without explanation, especially if extra work is uncompensated
  • Vacation or personal days taken from work, when he or she was supposedly at work
  • New, unusual projects that take him or her out of town for the weekend
  • Excessive amounts of time spent with “just a friend” of the opposite sex, especially when you’re not included
  • Increased or excessive “boys” or “girls” nights out, especially when you are not offered the chance for the same nights out
  • Excessive or unusual trips - shopping, visiting friends, hunting, fishing, etc.
  • Plays games online long after you go to bed
  • Will not share what he or she is doing online when you’re not around
  • Has a second social media profile you don’t have access to, or keeps parts of his or her profile secret from you


Is your spouse spending money and not telling you why (and not surprising you with gifts later)? Are you finding receipts for things that are not in your home? Do the details of a day seem to just not add up properly? These types of things often lead to that “gut instinct” that tells you that your partner is cheating. Here are some things people often see when their spouse is cheating:

  • Disappearing money
  • Increased gas usage
  • Receipts for things you didn’t buy and he or she didn’t bring home
  • Extra money spent at restaurants, especially at unusual hours
  • Unusually early departures for work
  • Unexplained late arrivals home
  • Spending lengthy amounts of time doing ‘routine’ activities like getting milk or gas
  • Stops wearing wedding ring, or other special jewelry, or comes home without it on
  • Unusually forgetful, with no explanation
  • Unusual encouragement for you to leave the house or go out of town without him or her
  • Unusual interest in your schedule
  • Mean commentary, unusual sarcasm, or other verbal mistreatment directed at you


If your spouse has suddenly become preoccupied with his or her appearance for no reason, this could be a sign of an affair. If you’ve been talking about taking better care of yourselves, you may not want to jump to conclusions. But if your spouse has suddenly started paying extra attention to grooming, especially to go somewhere without you, has started trying to get in better shape, or is putting more effort into how he or she dresses, you may want to take a closer look at what is going on.

  • Abnormal, unexplained attention to grooming
  • Abnormal, unexplained attention to what he or she is wearing
  • Dressing provocatively or overdressing for inappropriate activities (i.e. going grocery shopping in a little black dress, wearing nice ‘going out’ clothes to go fishing)
  • New sexy clothing or underwear you never see
  • Heavy or unusual use of perfume or cologne, especially new ones
  • New obsession with showering
  • New, unusual or rigorous workout program from someone who has previously shown no interest in staying fit
  • Taking an abnormal amount or inappropriate types of clothes to gym to change


The way a cheating spouse behaves in regards to sex can vary widely from person to person. You know your spouse best. If you think that his or her interest in sex is unusual for him or her, it’s often a good sign that an affair is occurring.

  • Not interested in sex
  • Abnormal or excessive excuses for infrequency of sex
  • Unusual reluctance to kiss or touch you
  • Unexplained scratches, bruises or other marks
  • New “tricks” or “skills” in the bedroom
  • Unusual interest in sex
  • Abnormal requests for “kinky” behavior in the bedroom
  • Increased interest in porn

While we can’t tell you what the signs you are seeing actually mean, we can help you uncover tangible proof that your spouse is cheating. Whether you have a suspicion you want confirmed or you’d like someone to look for evidence that you can’t find , we can help. Our expert digital forensic engineers and Investigators can help you find the evidence you need.

If you are worried and looking for the truth, do not wait!

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