Is Your Husband Cheating?
Workplace Affairs Happen All The Time

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Know the husband cheating signs

  • Staying late at work
  • Sudden business trips
  • Dressing better at work
  • Doesn’t want you to visit at work
  • There is a female co-worker he NEVER talks about
  • You aren't invited to office outings or parties
  • You smell perfume on his clothes or in his car

Signs your husband is cheating on you at work

Is your husband cheating with a co-worker?

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon. People spend long hours together at work, get to know one another and, well, things happen.

Someone he sees occasionally might be a momentary, fleeting temptation that may never be more than a daydream, but workplace infatuations can soon develop into true infidelity. He sees her every day, talks to her every - and soon he’s no longer able to resist.

Here are some signs that your spouse is cheating in the workplace:

ODD WORK HOURS: This is a big indicator. If he is spending more time on the job than normal, especially with little or no notice, it’s a strong sign he's cheating on you at work. If he stumbles or hesitates when asked why he’s staying late, be extra suspicious.

DRESSING BETTER ON THE JOB: Unless he’s vying for a promotion, a man who suddenly seems more concerned about his appearance in the workplace may have an ulterior motive. He may be having a workplace affair.

HE DOESN’T WANT YOU DROPPING BY THE WORKPLACE: Maybe you offer to bring him lunch, and he says he’s not hungry or already ate. Maybe you swing by just to say hi, and he meets you in the parking lot. Maybe he doesn’t take you to office parties. If this kind of thing is frequent, he may be hiding something from you.

LACK OF COMMUNICATION ON BUSINESS TRAVEL: A lot of people travel for the job these days, and they are not all cheaters. But pay attention to how he behaves when away from home. Is he unavailable for calls, especially in the evenings? Does he respond to text messages quickly? Does he avoid video calls? Is he traveling more often than in the past? These all can be signs he's cheating on you at work.

HE TALKS ABOUT A FEMALE CO-WORKER ALL THE TIME – OR NEVER: One of the common signs of a cheating husband at work is that he won’t shut up about a particular woman. Her name comes up a lot, far more often than the names of other people. That indicates an infatuation. One of the other top signs your husband is cheating with a coworker? He never talks about her. Her name used to come up, but now he suddenly doesn’t mention her at all. He could be hiding something.

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If you suspect your husband is cheating in the workplace, what can you do?

There are a few ways to address the problem once you see signs your husband likes a coworker.

You could simply confront him, but odds are he’ll deny it – and he’ll start destroying evidence. Any text messages between him and her will be deleted. He’ll erase the call logs on his phone. He’ll clean up his act for a while to throw you off the scent.

Maybe you could hire a private detective to tail him, but that can get expensive and take a lot of time. Suppose the affair is being conducted very carefully? Or takes place mostly during business trips out of town? It could take weeks, or months, for a private investigator to get the proof you need.

Or, you could hire a professional digital forensics company to find the evidence on his smartphone, computer or tablet. Digital evidence does not lie. His phone probably contains evidence of where he’s been, any texts sent between him and the co-worker, sexy pictures they’ve exchanged, web searches for hotels, you name it. And our experts can extract that evidence, often even if it has been deleted.

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