How our system works

Why pay for a private investigator, charging you hour after hour to sit in a car with a camera, hoping to catch inappropriate behavior?

We now offer a comprehensive system that combines the latest software and hardware to enable our customers to track a suspect wherever he or she may go on the planet.

Now you can be y own PI and track your subject all day and all night, all at a low fixed cost.

The software gives you the ability to tag a subject’s vehicle and monitor activities in one of two ways. Either receiving reports periodically about where a particular vehicle has been, or, tracking the vehicle’s location in real-time, minute by minute, throughout the day.

If you choose the option to receive reports, you will get a comprehensive Activity Log, which lists details of exactly where the vehicle has been and at what times. The report includes how quickly the vehicle was moving, as well as how long it may have remained stationary at a particular address or location.

Simple installation, including step-by-step help and customer assistance

No tech skills are necessary to get started. We will walk you through each step of the simple process from installation to accessing your reports. We can even provide blueprints of a subject’s vehicle, so you know exactly what the most secure place to install the tracking device would be.

It takes only about five minutes to install our weather-proof device. Designed with simplicity in mind, the tracking device has two powerful magnets that lock onto the vehicle’s undercarriage. The pull of the industrial-grade magnets ensures that the tracking device will not come loose, even on bumpy roads or unpaved, rural surfaces.

Batteries for various client needs

Upon purchasing our services, the tracking device becomes your own property. Several battery packages are available with the device. The base-level package includes a battery with a power rating of 48 hours. Higher level packages can be purchased that supply significantly longer battery time.

The ratings of battery-life indicate the length of time that the device can be in continuous use. After that time period, the battery must be removed from the vehicle and recharged, before it can be replaced for ongoing usage. The battery will need to plugged into an electrical socket for recharging and charging can require 24-30 hours for the device to be restored to full charge.

Options include an extended-life battery, which can remain in use for up to two months of constant tracking. (This rating is based on the device being set to the default parameter of one-minute tracking intervals.)

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