How Computer Forensics Can Affect Your Divorce Case
Pros and Cons of Using Computer Forensic Experts in Divorce and Family Law Cases.

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You need evidence, not “he said, she said”

  • Prove who is telling the truth
  • Make sure you get a fair settlement
  • Win child custody or visitation rights
  • Shed light on dangerous or illegal behavior
  • Digital evidence does not lie

Considering a divorce or already in divorce proceedings?

Digital evidence speaks louder than words. Get a better settlement by leveraging digital evidence.

Evidence of private daily activity can speak volumes about a person’s moral character or credibility. Digital Investigation.com specializes in identifying evidence that can reveal character — from inappropriate images on cell phones to online posts and more. In many cases, such evidence can lead to a quick settlement long before a case goes to court.

Use of Computer Forensic Experts in Divorce & Family Law

In many family law matters, social media evidence and electronically stored information can become critical in a family law case. For example, financial information regarding income, marital property and debt may all be stored electronically. In other cases, valuable evidence can also be found on social media relative to child custody. For this reason, a party may need to consider hiring a computer forensic expert in their divorce or family law matter.

How Computer Forensics Can Affect Your Divorce Case

Computer forensic investigators are private investigators of the digital world. These experts use high-tech hardware to retrieve digital information stored on electronic devices and in “the cloud.” The term “cloud computing” means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive.

The computer is not just an avenue to investigate and identify hidden assets, fund transfers, driving directions to safe deposit boxes, unknown credit cards, and bank accounts. It is the electronic trail to the opposing party’s life and character. Addictions from gambling, shopping, drugs, or pornography to extramarital affairs, manipulating finances in anticipation of the divorce, using eBay or PayPal used to sell assets, and spying on the spouse electronically can all be revealed through computer forensics. All of the foregoing can be discovered by a computer forensic investigator.

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