Who Needs Background and Personal Investigations?

There is a wide variety of people who might want a background investigation, for many reasons. Whether you’re a professional wanting to look into someone for business reasons, or a private individual wanting to look into someone for safety reasons, we can help.

  • Romantic Partners
  • Child Caregivers
  • Locating Lost Loved Ones
  • Business Partners
  • Invest Partners
  • Employees
  • Renters

Why Do I Need Physical Investigation?

The most common reasons a private citizen might need a physical investigation are infidelity and child custody. Businesses often need physical investigations for other reasons, such as worker’s comp or disability claims. No matter why you need a physical investigation - whether it is the only service you need, or you’d like to couple it with any of our other digital-based services - we can help you uncover the evidence you are looking for.

Examples of What a Physical Investigation can Include

Without knowing what a private investigator can do, it’s hard to know if a physical investigation is right for your situation. We always have customer service specialists standing by to answer your questions, so you can always call us to see if we can help you. But just to give you a better idea of what we might be able to do for you, here are some examples of what a physical investigation could include:

  • Address verification
  • Living environment documentation
  • Transportation verification
  • Employment verification
  • Daily habit documentation
  • Wellness checks (checking that a person is alive and well)
  • Safety checks (checking that the person is safe)
  • Video or audio documentation (where allowed by law)
  • And more

Keep in mind, a private investigator doesn’t have a special license to break the law - a private investigator has to follow the law the same as anyone else. But a private investigator can use anonymity, years of practice, techniques that are carefully honed to achieve the right results and instincts that have been developed after years of doing detective work to gather information you can't gather on your own. A private investigator also has the benefit of knowing what is and what is not illegal, and can ensure that every legal effort is made to gather the evidence you need.

Digital Investigation strictly performs digital forensic investigation services and it not licensed as a private investigator in every state, when our clients need private investigators, we have a team of referral partners who are private investigators who perform all private investigation needs. Our referal partner in the state if Indiana is:

Kim Ridding Legwork Investigations

317.973.1007 (Phone)
317.973.1014 (Fax)
[email protected]
License: PI21100029

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