Private Investigations: New Person

It is difficult to understand who a person is when you initially meet them. In most cases, it takes years to get to know who someone really is. Sometimes you never truly know who someone is. Yet you build relationships based on your initial instincts, which often gives you a false sense of security. You base your understanding of who they are on what they tell you. You trust these people with your safety and your secrets, which leaves you vulnerable to being hurt or taken advantage of.

This is why it is essential that you genuinely know who these people are. Whether they are working for you, romantically involved with you, taking care of your children, or just a friend, you must know that they are people you can trust.

At Private Digital Investigations, we can provide you with the information you need to verify that person’s true identity. Our forensic analysts conduct extensive investigations to reveal background information that is not publicly accessible. We also examine a number of other public information sources, including;

  • Basic or Full Background Checks
    • Public Records
      • Address History
      • Property Ownership
      • Professional Licenses
    • Criminal Records
      • Sex Offenders
      • Violent Offenses
    • Court Records
      • Lawsuits
    • Credit Header Information
    • Telephone Information
    • News Archives
    • Military Records
    • State Government Records
    • Vital Statistics
      • Alias(es)
      • Birthdate
      • Marriages
      • Divorces
      • Potential Relatives
    • Motor Vehicle Records
      • Vehicle Ownership
      • Driving Records
  • Social Media Data Mining
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn
    • YouTube
  • Website Preservation

Please note: For all Digital & Physical Investigations, you must be able to provide basic information about the subject that will be covertly observed by the investigator. This includes full name, current address, etc - information that will allow the investigator to complete the physical investigation. If this information is not available, we may be unable to complete this portion of the investigation. No portion of the fee is refundable if the subject cannot be physically located. If you are unsure where the person you would like to have investigated is located, please please opt for a Physical Investigation.

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