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  • Cyber Harassment
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Our Digital Investigation Services are the Most Advanced Available

Are you looking for a computer forensics specialist to find the compelling evidence you need to find out if you have a problem employee or a cheating husband? Or to answer some other nagging questions? Our expert services are available right here in Binghamton. Digital Investigations employs certified computer forensic examiners who use the latest tools to extract Electronically Stored Information (ESI) from cell phones, computers and other devices.

A private detective can uncover the information you are seeking, but traditional methods such as stakeouts and legwork often take months to produce real results. Our computer forensics examiners can come up with solid answers in less than two days in many instances, because they extract evidence straight from the source – digital devices.

Data from mobile devices and hard drives includes code, sort of like DNA, that can answer questions with remarkable certainty. A computer forensics expert can examine call records, GPS logs, messenger apps and more to shed light on a person’s activities. Details about behaviors and contacts unfold through an expert analysis.

When a student at Binghamton University was stabbed to death, security cameras captured the suspect leaving the murder scene. Surveillance cameras are everywhere these days, and their use in police investigations is growing exponentially.

Digital Investigation can help clients gain access to data from closed-circuit surveillance cameras, smartphones, hard drives and other digital devices to help resolve all types of civil cases and criminal investigations.

We can help clients with:

  • Text Message and Email Recovery
  • Audio, Photo and Video Enhancement
  • GPS Logs
  • Employee Background Checks
  • Cheating spouse
  • Digital Remote Monitoring

Binghamton’s Leading Computer Forensics Analysts

Do you think your wife is cheating? Do you need to identify a cyberbully? Are you suspicious about a disgruntled employee’s behavior? Call us. Our computer examinations are available to individuals, organizations and businesses. Our discreet services are available from sites all across North America.

Confidentiality is a top concern for clients, so we observe strict security protocols at all of our sites. We audit security procedures and case records daily to protect clients’ private information.

To discuss opening a case or to learn how we can help you, call our Binghamton location, (347) 741-7774. We are available 24/7/365.

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