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  • Cyber Harassment
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  • Divorce
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Top Computer Forensics Analysts in Aurora, IL

Looking for the most in-depth digital investigation service available? It’s here in Aurora. The highly trained computer forensics specialists at Digital Investigation use the most highly advanced forensics tools and knowledge to extract evidence from smartphones, computers and mobile devices.

Unlike traditional private investigation fieldwork that can go on for months, a digital investigation often can find decisive evidence within 48 hours. Instead of using costly fieldwork by a private investigator, we find the digital evidence at its source – digital devices.

The data stored on electronic devices is sort of like DNA. It contains code that, once unlocked by an expert, can answer questions with remarkable certainty. Digital artifacts from text or photo messages, emails and social media posts can reveal a startling level of detail about a person’s attitudes and activities.

Leading Private Investigation, Digital Evidence Services in Aurora

If you have concerns about a cheating wife or cheating husband, employee theft, child safety or other matters, we can help you discover the truth. We provide industry-leading services to businesses and individuals through a network of offices across North America. Our team is made up of experienced, certified digital analysts and knowledgeable customer service representatives, who work together to offer clients unparalleled services and results.

Aurora police have used surveillance video footage recently to investigate everything from armed robberies to burglaries. Security cameras are everywhere these days – in homes, businesses, offices and major intersections – and their use in police investigations is growing exponentially.

Digital Investigation can help clients gain access to data from closed-circuit surveillance cameras, smartphones, hard drives and other digital devices to help resolve all types of civil cases and criminal investigations.

We can help clients with:

  • Text Message and Email Recovery
  • Audio, Photo and Video Enhancement
  • GPS Logs
  • Employee Background Checks
  • Cheating spouse
  • Digital Remote Monitoring

We know security and confidentiality are paramount for our clients. We adhere to strict security and confidentiality protocols at all of our locations. We also perform daily procedural and record audits for every case we handle. We guarantee our client’s requests and information remain 100 percent secure and confidential throughout the process.

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If you have questions about our services or want to open a case, call (630) 449-7949 to reach our Aurora location. Our customer service representatives are available at all hours, 365 days a year. They are ready to provide the expert services you seek. reviewsCustomer Reviews

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  • "Best Private Digital Investigations Services in Aurora, "

    Reviewed on Sep 18 2018

    I work as a contractor in the Solar PV field and had an employee on my payroll who I thought was selling spare company equipment on the side for extra cash. I contacted Digital Investigations with the intent of recovering deleted messages from his phone that would prove my suspicions. I got a fast, reasonable quote for services and within a week, they got me the data I was looking for. Now my mind is much more at ease knowing that I got a theif out of my company. Thank you, Digital Investigations!

    Authenticated Aurora, IL

    "Best Private Digital Investigations Services in Aurora, "

    Reviewed on Sep 19 2018

    My Western Digital back up drive failed suddenly. I had over 2 TB of personal and business data saved there. I did some research and came upon Digital Investigations and sent them my drive. They communicated with me over the process and eventually recovered everything on the drive at a very fair price. I would highly recommend them.

    Authenticated Aurora, IL
  • "Best Private Digital Investigations Services in Aurora, "

    Reviewed on Sep 20 2018

    Absolutely thrilled with Digital Investigations and their customer service! Starting the case was very simple, and the case agents were very polite and knowledgeable. They are willing to work with you however they can to make the data recovery experience as smooth as possible. I was in tears at thought of losing so many photos and files when my hard drive crashed, and they've recovered every last piece. Would absolutely recommend working with them!!

    Authenticated Aurora, IL

    "Best Private Digital Investigations Services in Aurora, "

    Reviewed on Oct 24 2018

    Great company and great service thanks digital investigations!!

    Authenticated Aurora, IL
  • "Best Private Digital Investigations Services in Aurora, "

    Reviewed on Oct 15 2018

    Great company and great customer service. Thanks a million.

    Authenticated Aurora, IL