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We Provide Investigative Services in , That Match Your Needs & Your Budget
  • Private Investigations
    Whether you are searching for evidence to catch a cheating spouse, ensure your teen is not looking at porn or resolve a corporate investigation, we can help you find the digital evidence you need.
  • Spyware Detection
    Learn the truth today: Do you suspect your phone is being monitored or bugged? Has your computer been compromised? Is somebody spying on you through your computer or phone?
  • Cyber Harassment
    Our proprietary system lets us follow the digital footprints to track down IP addresses, cell phone numbers, email addresses, social media accounts and even specific devices used in these crimes.

Cutting Edge Digital Investigation Services in Parker

Have you been a victim of cybercrime? Are you worried that your partner is being unfaithful? Do you have suspicions that one of your employees is sabotaging or stealing from your business? If so, it sounds like you need to contact Digital Investigation. We have an elite team of digital forensic analysts who can assist you with all the problems listed above as well as a whole host of other issues.

Gone are the days of needing to wait weeks or months to hear back from an investigator. Before the digital era, investigations could take forever with following paper trails, tracking down witnesses, and searching for hard to find clues. Now, when you contact Digital Investigation, we'll be able to get the answers you need quickly.

Since our team of computer forensic analysts are able to work behind the scenes looking at digital sources of evidence, like call logs, social media, GPS locations, and surveillance cameras, they'll be able to get you the answers you're looking for right away. In some cases, we're able to present evidence and information to our clients in as little as two or three days.

We offer a wide variety of services and will be able to help you with just about any digital related investigation. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Recovering lost emails or text messages
  • Uncovering information about an unfaithful spouse
  • Enhancing audio, photo, and video files
  • Accessing GPS logs to uncover a person's movements
  • Conducting background checks on your employees or potential employees
  • Remotely monitoring your home or office computers and other digital devices for suspicious activity

The Only Solution You'll Need for Digital Investigation Services in Parker

Parker, Colorado is a unique and charming place to live. The historic downtown area with its Western Victorian setting is truly something to see. Here, you'll find an abundance of shopping and delicious restaurants. Parker also has beautiful trails, parks, breweries, and other attractions for its residents and visitors to enjoy.

If you are a resident of Parker, even with all the beauty and charm around you, you have likely also been affected by a cybercrime or digital problem. Perhaps important emails or documents were lost or deleted off of your computer. Or, maybe you have been falsely accused of a crime and need to provide your innocence. You could also have suspicions that your spouse has been cheating on you or that one of your employees has been stealing from your business.

Don't just sit back and let yourself be a victim. Reach out to Digital Investigation's Parker office today. We have a specialized team of forensic analysts who would love to help you recover the information you've lost, prove your innocence, or find the evidence you need.

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