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Do you need a private investigator with the skills to track down evidence hidden in a computer or cellphone to make the case against a cheating spouse, or to solve a criminal investigation? We offer expert services here in Alabama.

Unlock Vital Digital Evidence

Digital forensic evidence is as crucial for a private investigator as DNA testing is for a prosecutor. The scientific precision of forensics can help prove – or disprove – a crime as surely as a genetic match.

At Digital Investigation, we offer the latest in smartphone and computer forensics to help solve a wide variety of cases:

  • Infidelity
  • Child custody
  • Cyber harassment
  • Business disputes
  • Employee theft
  • Criminal investigations
  • Civil disputes
  • Missing persons
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Fraud

Like DNA, the data on electronic devices can answer questions with remarkable certainty. Digital artifacts from messaging, texts and social media can reveal a surprising level of detail about a person’s motives and activities, helping to explain covert behavior.

Texts, emails, instant messages, images and video often are associated with metadata – the dates, times and other logged information related to digital activity. By analyzing metadata on cellphones, laptops and other devices, our computer forensics analysts can create detailed timelines of activities, locations and conversations.

Our certified forensic examiners also can recover data from damaged or non-functional devices, even if the information was intentionally deleted or hidden. Our investigators often produce concrete results within a few days – much faster than traditional investigative techniques such as tailing subjects or stakeouts.

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