The Complete Business Intelligence Solution.

As a worldwide leader in corporate investigation, Private Digital Investigations realizes the importance of information gathering. Many executives like you are forced to make critical decisions with limited informational resources, even though the information you lack may be essential.

Now, you can get the most reliable, current and complete information you need to make your decisions wisely-with PDI-BIS. Much like the animal, PDI-BIS is designed to constantly search and dig out the information in a time efficient and cost effective manner. When our clients tell us they need all the facts uncovered we tell them to put PDI-BIS on the trail.

PDI-BIS is a collection of proprietary databases designed by Private Digital Investigations to gather information quickly and reliably. It’s an exhaustive digital searcher that hunts through dozens of domestic and international databases and hundreds of thousands of files, leaving no stone unturned, no possible lead ignored, until it tracks down the information you want. PDI-BIS lets you sleep better at night knowing that whatever decision you made was reached after a thorough review of all the information available. These databases, many of which are proprietary and unavailable to the public, get you the information you need in a quick and thorough manner.

What Kind of Questions Will PDI-BIS Answer?

We realize that as a corporate decision maker, you don’t want your reputation on the line. PDI-BIS backs you up by answering questions like these:

  • Does this business really exist?
  • Has anyone ever filed a complaint against them?
  • Is it true he has a criminal record?
  • Who financed their expansion?
  • What’s that business’s credit history?
  • Does he have ties to organized crime?
  • What do other businesses say about them?
  • Are they financially secure?
  • Have they been involved in litigation?
  • Are there any entities affiliated to this business?
  • Do the officers own other businesses?
  • Are their licenses in order?
  • Is the business on any banned lists?

If you need answers to any questions like this before making your next business decision, put PDI-BIS out on the trail. You’ll get reliable, current and complete information for any business or individual you’d like. When information is important to you, PDI-BIS is the answer. Call Private Digital Investigations today if you’d like to learn more.

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