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Harassment can happen to anyone and take place anywhere including your Gmail account. If you are currently experiencing cyber harassment through your Gmail, you need to take action fast before it prolongs any further.

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Why is Someone Harassing Me on Gmail?

It’s hard to say why someone would feel the need to harass someone through their email account. The accessibility might be a major reason. Most people constantly check their email accounts just as much as their text messages.

Your harasser takes that into account, as well as the difficulty it would be to find who is behind the harassment if they were to try to hide their identity. It is also very simple to create burner accounts on Gmail which is beneficial because it gives them more the one account to act on their aggressions. Whatever the reason is, you should not have to endure any type of harassment especially online. If you are going through this type of online abuse, you should reach out for help as soon as you can.

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How to Report Email Harassment on Gmail?

Gmail allows its users to report any suspicious or harmful behavior by simply reporting an account or a specific email. You can do this by clicking on said harassing email and clicking on the three small dots on the top right of the email. You will be given the option to block the sender, and report them as spam and as a phishing scam.

However, reporting and blocking don’t always stop the harassment that is why we recommend reporting your abuse to Digital Investigation. We specialize in cyber-harassment and have the right techniques to help put an end to the abuse for good.


How to Mark Someone for Harassment on Gmail?

To specifically report someone for abuse on Gmail you can send a message to abuse@ or postmaster@, using the domain where the abuse is happening. For example, if a user under the name of email1234.com is sending you harassing emails you can send a message to [email protected] or [email protected] and the user will be put under review.

Where to Report Gmail Harassment?

You can report Gmail harassment through the platform itself. Gmail gives you the option to report spam, phishing, and abusive emails to them to overview. You can head to support.google.com to create a request in reporting abusive and illegal behavior.


Though it may seem like cyber harassment is a rare occurrence, Gmail harassment happens to more people than you might expect. The web has given those with malicious intent easy access to send out harassing messages - but if this problem affects your life, don't suffer in silence! Reach out and report the matter as soon as possible so that the situation can be resolved swiftly and you can move on with your life.

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