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Report Harassment On Facebook Before It's Too Late

Harassment on Facebook can begin with a negative comment and then turn into constant threats and harassment you feel you can’t escape. If you are being targeted with harassment on Facebook it’s important to not push it under the rug, and take action as soon as it happens.

There are many negative effects victims could face once they are deemed a target of harassment, some of those being:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Suicide

The good news is that there are some ways and people who can help you overcome online harassment, so do not be afraid to reach out for help!

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How to Stop Harassment on Facebook

Facebook harassment can be stopped in a few ways, although keep in mind that cyber attackers have an unfair advantage due to the capability of creating more than one account on Facebook. This unfortunately allows them to keep on with the harassment. That being said, here are a few tips you can use to help stop Facebook harassment.

Block the Harasser

In the event that you block your harasser, they might just create a new account to continue the harassment as I mentioned, although there’s still a good chance they will give up after the first block.

Report Their Account and Abusive Messages

Reporting your harasser’s account and abusive messages alerts Facebook that a user is abusing their platform and going against their community safety guidelines. If they agree, they can ban or even delete your harasser’s account.

Change Your Privacy Settings

Making your account private and only adding people you know will help you avoid any online harassers contacting you.


What Is Facebook Harassment?

Facebook harassment is when a person is being abusive to another individual on Facebook. This type of harassment can take many forms, including but not limited to: offensive comments, threats, cyberbullying, and hate speech.

Tell Me About Your Facebook Harassment Hotline

Our Facebook harassment hotline is available to any and all victims of cyber harassment. We are available 24/7 to take on any cases regarding this type of abuse. Meaning we help victims that are being abused on other social media platforms as well. You can give us a call or chat with one of our representatives online to get the help you need.

Can I Report Someone for Harassment on Facebook?

Facebook has come under fire for its lack of action regarding Facebook harassment, with some critics accusing the site of being a safe haven for bullies and trolls. In response to these criticisms, Facebook has implemented several policies and features designed to combat Facebook harassment, such as allowing users to report abusive behavior and giving users control over who can see their posts. However, Facebook harassment remains a problem on the site, with many users finding themselves the target of abuse.

Tell Me About Your Company

Our team here at Digital Investigation consists of forensic analysts and engineering experts that specialize in all types of cyber crimes which include online harassment. Our analysts are trained in cybercriminal tactics and know how to combat their strategies.

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We have shown great success in helping victims obtain evidence of harassment so that they may bring it to authorities if they please. We also take the matters into our own hands and uncover any important digital evidence we can use against these criminals such as unmasking their true identities in the case a harasser is behind a fake account.

As a company with a 90% success rate in dealing with cyber harassment cases, we help victims put an end to their daily terror. We can make the harassment stop. Give us a call today.

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We'll help you keep your family life and reputation intact.

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