What do Litigation Forensic Investigation Services Entail?

Are you already involved in a litigation? Do you have a suspicion of something going on that you want to investigate that could lead to legal action in the future? In today’s digital world, digital evidence of everything you do is everywhere. From phones, to computers, to laptops, to tablets, everything you do leaves a digital trail of evidence. Unfortunately, finding that evidence is not as easy as leaving it behind, especially when you need the evidence for a legal action. Let the experts at Private Digital Investigations uncover and document the evidence you need.

There are a wide variety of reasons that you might need Digital Forensic Litigation Services. We can help you, no matter what your situation is.

  • Currently Pending Civil Litigation
  • Currently Pending Criminal Litigation
  • Infidelity that could lead to Divorce
  • Suspected Child Abuse
  • Suspected Sexual Abuse

At Digital Investigations, a digital investigation occurs in two steps. The first step is to chose a dedication level. This enables you to send us your media that you’d like investigated so that we can evaluate your case and provide you with an accurate quote for your Full Digital Investigation. This service level provides you with:

  • Phone Consultation with a Digital Forensics Expert, up to 2 hrs
  • Guidance in determining which digital devices may contain evidence
  • Clear expectations for your Digital Investigation
  • Cost breakdown for full investigation
  • Getting Started Report which will include a consultation and commentary from an Ohio Licensed Attorney
  • Do’s and Don’t’s
  • What your Next Step should be
Getting Started Report

Your Getting Started Report will include all of the information that we need to provide you as part of your Digital Investigation Starter package. It will specifically include: additional digital devices that should be investigated (if applicable), cost breakdown for full digital investigation, expectations for your digital investigation, and the next step. Other information may be included in the report, as necessary.

Key notes: First step to getting Digital Forensic Report, suitable for court/legal use.

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