Business Employee/Partner Monitoring

The majority of major security violations involve employees who are granted permitted access to enterprise information assets. Thus, security monitoring must focus on employee actions wherever the employees use corporate digital systems to engage in business-related exchanges. There are a number of software options available for monitoring business activities to help prevent violations. However, in cases where these violations have already occurred and/or the security of a business has already been breached, Private Digital Investigations can help. Our company specializes in the resolution of a number of corporate security breaches, including:

  • Intellectual property theft
  • Corporate sabotage
  • Blackmail
  • Extortion
  • Disgruntled employees

We help businesses to contain the situation, determine the responsible party(s) and to acquire information for admissible court use, where necessary.

Remote Installation Assistance
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Corporate Sabotage

It is not uncommon for disgruntled employees to cause damage to their employee to mollify their dissatisfaction. Whether it be causing physical damage to company assets, maliciously deleting files, spreading a virus on the corporate network or stealing and sharing trade secrets, these employees have the potential to cause significant damage to a business. Mitigating damages in these situations can be exhaustive and time consuming, and without the proper tools and training, determining the full extent of the damages can be impossible.

Digital devices contain a wealth of information. Our engineers can evaluate these drives to determine what activities have been conducted, if files have been changed or deleted and/or whether files were copied or sent to outside parties from business digital devices. Whether you need access to an encrypted drive or you need admissible evidence to build your case against this employee, we can help.

Our trained digital forensic engineers utilize a number of tactics to evaluate and resolve the situation, including:

  • Decrypt files, folders, or drives
  • Determine if files were accessed, changed, or deleted during specified time frames
  • Determine if attachments were sent via the installed email client, and if so what they contained
  • Document IM history
  • Uncover browsing history and recreate web pages
  • Uncover hidden files and folders
  • Recover data from damaged hard drives
  • Recover files that were recently deleted
  • And Much More!

If you suspect that an employee has tampered with a company computer, immediately shut the computer down. Continued use can lead to evidence being overwritten. Don’t risk losing evidence that could potentially be used as evidence of the employee sabotage or mission critical data that the employee deleted before they left. Contact us today and let us help you in this trying time.

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