Data and Evidence Acquisition

Do you need digital forensic services conducted on a device you just can’t be without? Our on-site forensic service technicians can come to you. They will simply create a forensically sound carbon-copy of your digital evidence, and return it to be processed in our certified laboratory. We ensure that every carbon copy is created in such a way that proves that no information has been deleted or tampered with during the re-production process.

If you are considering Data and Evidence Acquisition for your situation, please keep in mind that when acquiring desktop, laptops, or servers, it is necessary to remove the hard drive from the computer. This means that the computer being investigated will be unavailable for use while the acquisition is actively occurring. Once the acquisition is complete, the hard drive will be returned to the device, and the device can be used as normal.

We strongly recommend that 2 or more forensic copies of the drive be created by our forensic specialist. We only require one to perform analysis and investigation, but if the device will continue to be in use, we recommend that a second copy be made, preserving the data exactly as it was at the time the acquisition occurred. This ensures that the evidence is not corrupted in anyway, at any point in time, and all evidence that is gathered from the digital forensic investigation can be duplicated by a 3rd party in the future.

Your Data and Evidence Acquisition service includes the acquisition of your data and a Preliminary Report provided by the digital forensic examiner after up to 2 hrs of processing and investigation. This is designed to help you decide if a full digital forensic investigation is warranted. Your On-Site Acquisition service fee does not include a full investigation or a full Digital Forensic Report.

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