Android Smartphone and Tablet Investigations for Litigation

Android smartphones and tablets can have a wealth of information hidden inside of them. This information can be crucial evidence in court. Whether something was deleted and you need it recovered, or you are looking for evidence that someone is hiding something from you, we can help you find what your phone or tablet is hiding from you.

Can you recover data from a broken device?

The first thing to remember about smartphones and tablets is that they are just like any other electronic device: they require power to run. This means that it is necessary for the device to power up before any data can be recovered or gathered from the device. But because our techs use state-of-the-art tools to investigate your device, it is not necessary for the screen to work. So whether you have a device in perfect working order, or a device with a screen that can be partially read, or not read at all, as long as the device can be powered on, our team of talented forensic investigators can help you find the evidence you’re looking for.

What can be recovered from an Android phone or tablet?

The first step to knowing if a device may contain evidence you need, is knowing what information can be recovered from the device. While we can’t give you details from an App history that has been deleted, we can give a lot of other useful information. This information can include:

  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Text Messages
  • iMessages
  • Address Book
  • Call history (phones only)
  • Voicemails (phones only)
  • Calendar information
  • Emails
  • GPS location information
  • Browsing history
  • Web searches
  • and More!

The data gathered from Android devices can be both data that is present currently, as well as data that has been deleted. We can never guarantee how much deleted data will be recoverable, due to the way that the memory overwrites old data, but often deleted data is important information you did not know the device still contained.

What if the phone/tablet has been ‘factory reset’?

While recovering data from a factory reset device is harder than recovering data that was just deleted, it can still be done. This type of evidence can be used in court, but it is important that we know you are attempting to recover data that you will be using in court. This ensures that our processes are thoroughly documented and can be reproduced by other experts if needed. If you’re looking for one particular message or picture or email, we can’t promise that we can find it. But even after a factory reset, much of the data is still present in unallocated spaces of the phone’s memory, especially if you haven’t been using the device.

If you know you need data recovered from a factory reset device, stop using it immediately. Power down the device and kept it powered off. Even the data that needs to be written to keep the device running can overwrite critical data, leading to that data being unrecoverable. The less uptime your device has after it has been reset, the more data we can recover for you.

What models do you support?

We support virtually all makes and models of Android tablets and phones. Old or new, we can recover data from your Android device.

Because the list of Android devices that are out on the market is so extensive, there is no way we could possibly list them all here. If you have a device that you think may not be supported, please contact us today, and we can verify whether or not the device is supported. Keep in mind, that even if your device is supported, that doesn’t mean we can guarantee your particular device is in a condition that will allow data to be read or extracted. Each case is unique, and many factors go into determining what data can be accessed on a given device.

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