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Private Digital Investigations for Personal & Business

We answer your questions, find the digital evidence you need. We bring closure and peace of mind.
INfidelity Investigations

Infidelity & Martimonial Divorce Investigations

We can find the evidence you need. We can recover deleted text messages, deleted emails, deleted social media communications and more.
Blackmail and cyber harassment

Blackmail, Extortion & Harassment Investigations

Are you being harassed or blackmailed online? We protect clients from harassers, and put a stop to their behavior.
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We are Efficient & Cost Effective Company having24/7 Quick Response Teams

More than 10 years in industry gives us the power to perform every day and every time.

Customize your investigation to meet your needs.

We can find the evidence you need. We can recover deleted text messages, deleted emails, deleted social media communications and more. We can identify and remove spyware or other monitoring software from your home or office devices.

Our forensic analysts conduct extensive investigations to reveal background information that is not publicly accessible.

We Provide Investigative Services That Matches Your Needs & Your Budget!

We offer immediate, 24/7 assistance from our team of digital investigators.

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  • Quick Evaluation
    We don’t ever want you to guess about how much you’ll have to spend for the services you need. Find out quickly and easily if a Full Digital Forensic Investigation is warranted or not.
  • Private Investigations
    Whether you are searching for evidence on a cheating spouse, ensuring your teen is not looking at porn, or need help with a corporate investigation, we can help you find the digital evidence you need.
  • Forensic Reports
    The Forensic Report is the most important part of a Digital Forensic Investigation. If a full investigation was completed, this report will be the evidence you need to submit to the court.
  • Expert Testimony
    One of the most important aspects of a good Digital Forensic case is the ability for the evidence to hold up in court. Our Digital Forensic specialists are specifically trained to be ready to function as an Expert Witness.
  • Remote Acquisition
    RAFT (Remote Acquisition Forensic Tool) is a system designed to facilitate forensic investigators by remotely gathering digital evidence.
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