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Getting divorced? Considering divorce?

Gain the upper hand with digital evidence

  • Identify marital assets, including hidden assets
  • Win child custody or visitation
  • Achieve faster settlements and more favorable terms
  • Attain settlement goals and objectives
  • Shed light on dangerous or illegal behavior
  • Challenge spousal credibility or competence
  • Gain leverage with potentially embarrassing information

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What sets us apart

We specialize in identifying evidence that can reveal character — from inappropriate images on cell phones to online posts and more.

Attorneys depend on evidence to file and settle cases

Help your attorney mount a winning case by identifying crucial digital evidence. Court proceedings and settlement negotiations turn on the quality of evidence each side presents. From deleted data to internet investigations, Digital Investigation can supply the evidence you need to prevail.

Recovering deleted data: your secret weapon

SMS messages, emails, social media posts, WhatsApp communications — these vital categories of evidence may be deleted or secretly stored in web-based accounts. We can help identify and extract deleted or hidden information to help you prepare for your case.

Challenge credibility and character

Digital evidence can be used to challenge a person’s judgement or credibility. Whether the issue is parental judgement, moral character or truthfulness, recorded artifacts such as browsing history, GPS locations, stored photos or deleted text messages can confirm a pattern of poor judgement, recklessness or even criminal behavior.

Considering a divorce or already in divorce proceedings?

Digital evidence speaks louder than words. Get a better settlement by leveraging digital evidence.

Evidence of private daily activity can speak volumes about a person’s moral character or credibility. Digital Investigation.com specializes in identifying evidence that can reveal character — from inappropriate images on cell phones to online posts and more. In many cases, such evidence can lead to a quick settlement long before a case goes to court.

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