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Cyber Harassment

In the case of any type of harassment, including cyber harassment, it is often necessary to take legal action. Depending on the situation, it is often possible to get a restraining order and even press charges against someone that is engaging in cyber harassment. It is sometimes even possible that someone engaging in cyber harassment can be charged and convicted of a crime. Because cyber harassment can take so many forms in so many different digital locations, it’s impossible to list them all here. From Facebook, to Twitter, to email, to your phone, and anywhere else in the digital world that someone is harassing you, we can help you document the harassment and determine who is harassing you.

Often, when harassment is not something that indicates imminent physical danger, often just identifying who the person is harassing you can immediately end the harassment. Knowing who is harassing you can also help you make decision in your personal life that can stop the harassment, too. But we can help you not only identify the person harassing you, but document the harassment, as well as our investigation to identify that harasser, in a way that the police and courts can use. No matter what your situation is - your own harassment or harassment of a family member, or even a friend - we can create a plan to help you achieve your goal. Call us today, or pick a plan below, to get started, and let one of our specialized Cyber Harassment Associates help you create the perfect investigation for you.

We begin the stage 1 process by collecting all of the relevant case information. We use this information to understand the severity of the situation and to determine the most effective approach. All of our stage 1 services use IP extraction and identification emails as a means of capturing information. These emails are able to capture this information by sharing a link with a caption of interest to the perpetrator. Once the perpetrator has clicked on that link, we are able to gain access to that individuals IP address and personal computer metadata information, including; their operating system type, browser edition, etc. After we have collected the necessary information, we provide the client with a comprehensive report detailing the stage 1 analysis, data collected and conclusions. In most cases, the report contains the perpetrators IP address, digital signature and personal computer metadata. The report will also contain our professional recommendation as to whether the findings allow for further action. Subsequently, the client may elect to move forward to stage 2 to pursue legal remedies.

If the client elects to move forward to stage 2, our legal counsel will provide resources and instruction as to how to pursue legal remedies. Our counsel will offer detailed instruction on how to file a pro se complaint. Once the case is filed and active, the client can issue a subpoena to the ISP (internet provider) to determine the identity of the perpetrator.

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