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  • Cyber Harassment
  • Infidelity Investigations
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  • Child Custody
  • Divorce
  • Internet Investigations

Our Digital Investigation Services are the Most Advanced Available

Are you wondering if a computer forensic examination can help uncover vital evidence to reveal a cheating spouse or make your case in court? It can, and our expert services are available here in Tacoma. The certified computer forensics analysts at Digital Investigation use the latest techniques and tools to recover data from hard drives, smartphones, flash drives and more.

Sometimes, it takes months for a private detective working in the field to get the answers you need. A mobile forensics expert, however, can often get you compelling evidence in just two days or less, directly from digital devices.

The information on our mobile devices and computers includes code that, once it has been unlocked and examined by an expert, can answer questions with great certainty. Digital artifacts from texts, phone calls and social media, for example, can provide remarkable details about a person’s motivations, attitudes and activities.

Tacoma's leading computer forensics experts

Is your husband, wife or significant other cheating on you? Did someone steal your intellectual property? Have you been accused of something you did not do? Call us. We offer confidential mobile and computer examinations for businesses, individuals and organizations. We have sites throughout the U.S. and Canada, providing fast, unequaled services and results.

At Digital Investigation, our private detectives can help clients gain access to footage from closed-circuit surveillance cameras as well as data from smartphones, hard drives, social media accounts and a wide variety of digital devices to find crucial answers in all kinds of civil cases and criminal investigations.

We can help clients with:

  • Text Message and Email Recovery
  • Audio, Photo and Video Enhancement
  • GPS Logs
  • Employee Background Checks
  • Cheating spouse
  • Digital Remote Monitoring

Strong security protocols are followed at all of our offices to protect clients' confidentiality. Daily audits of procedures and records guarantee clients' privacy.

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To find out if a digital forensic specialist can resolve your problem, or to open a case now, call (253) 617-0067 to reach our Tacoma location. Our account representatives are available any time, 24/7/365.

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  • "Best Private Digital Investigations Services in Tacoma, "

    Reviewed on Sep 18 2018

    I was being harassed by a crazy ex of mine. She was posting a lot of mean, and false stuff online about me, pretending to be someone else. So I got them to find her, and all of her fake accounts, and they got deleted, the content erased and she has a lawsuit coming her way. I would have never been able to get her off of my back if it wasn't for Digital Investigations! The price was very reasonable, and they even finance! This is a very good new industry! Thank goodness for advancing technologies! Thank you Digital Investigations!

    Authenticated Tacoma, WA

    "Best Private Digital Investigations Services in Tacoma, "

    Reviewed on Jun 6 2018

    They are good and great. They did me very clean and smooth job, I have been using them for over 8 months now and they have never failed. I have to say they are very perfect. I will always use them and recommend them.

    Authenticated Tacoma,
  • "Best Private Digital Investigations Services in Tacoma, "

    Reviewed on Jun 5 2018

    As a real estate investor, I have properties all over the country. Most are occupied but at any given time I could have several that sit vacant for awhile. One of my properties in Bellevue was experiencing some frequent vandalism because it’s on a nearly empty block with no natural protection of neighbors nearby. My only solution was to get some sort of security or surveillance system in place. After some searching, I came across Digital Investigations and before I knew it, the property was wired up with a couple of cameras and an alarm system and the property hasn’t been touched since. I can’t thank these guys enough for the professional job they did at far less than I thought it would cost me.

    Authenticated Tacoma,

    "Best Private Digital Investigations Services in Tacoma, "

    Reviewed on Jun 5 2018

    The popular security gadgets have helped secure my home. I am very grateful that they have provided smart & quality systems. I personally recommend this team to meet your specific needs of family & business in case of Security Devices.

    Authenticated Tacoma,
  • "Best Private Digital Investigations Services in Tacoma, "

    Reviewed on Jun 4 2018

    Finally after searching for nearly an hour we found Digital Investigations A representative immediately answered the phone and expedited our request for data recovery by sending out a courier to our address and picked up our server. We went with their emergency evaluation and it was literally evaluated the same day they picked it up.

    Authenticated Tacoma,

    "Best Private Digital Investigations Services in Tacoma, "

    Reviewed on Jun 2 2018

    Recovered my lost files immediately and just great customer service. I highly recommend using these guys they are great.

    Authenticated Tacoma,