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Has Your Phone Been Compromised by Spyware?

Has your phone been compromised by spyware?

Spyware can find you at any time on any of your devices. Your smartphone is especially vulnerable because it comes with significantly less built in protection. This puts you, your device and all your sensitive data at high risk.

What signs should you look for if you are infected?

Is your phone running slower than usual?

Are the pages you visit being redirected to suspicious sites?

Have you been receiving strange text messages with codes or symbols or from people you don’t recognize?

Does your phone constantly reboot or shut down?

Has there been a significant decrease in battery life?

Did you notice higher or unexplained data usage?

Are you seeing changes in your phone volume or bizarre sounds during a call?

If you are having any of these issues listed above, contact us at 800-790-4524. We will provide you with all the digital evidence you need.
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